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The Ideal Age to send your toddler to Preschool

Posted in Parenting by Romana Ibrahim on Jun 20, 2018

There is no perfect or ideal age at which you child needs to go to a preschool but there are some signs that will tell you if he/she is ready to go. With so many Montessori schools and daycares opening up in different parts of Pakistan, children as old as a few months have been enrolled into them!

Edopia School Of Tomorrow, School For The Students

Posted in News & Updates, Parenting by Romana Ibrahim on Jun 13, 2018

When looking for schools in Islamabad, you will find a great variety. From private to public, from matriculation to O Levels, from affordable to expensive, there are many schools you can enroll your child into. But here is a totally new concept: Edopia. A school that empowers children to become independent learners from the very beginning!

Educators vs. Teachers

Posted in News & Updates, Parenting by Romana Ibrahim on Jun 12, 2018

Are your child’s teachers simply teaching or are they making a marked difference in your child’s life? As a school do you think your teachers are teaching beyond the classroom i.e. morally, socially and intellectually? Read the article to find the difference between an educator and a teacher and some qualities that are found in an educator.