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School Lunch Ideas

Posted in Parenting by Romana Ibrahim on Jul 21, 2018

So what are you giving your children for lunch? This is a big question for mothers. With life becoming busier with the day, working mothers and demanding children, it becomes quite a challenge to prepare a lunch that your kids like and which is healthy and affordable.

How to Utilize the Summer Break

Posted in Parenting by Romana Ibrahim on Jun 26, 2018

So what are your plans for the summers? If you are not traveling within or outside Pakistan then you need to find some activates to keep your children busy. There is a great variety of summer camps to choose from e.g. swimming classes, learning a new language, robotics, cooking etc.

Discipline and Self-control in Schools Today

Posted in Parenting by Romana Ibrahim on Jun 22, 2018

A lot of research has been done in the field of discipline. As the environment has changed, so has the way parents and schools handle children. Today children are more extrovert and aware of things around them due to the media. There is more violence and misbehavior. Hence disciplining children is quite a challenge today.