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Pakistanis making a mark at the International Level

Posted in News & Updates, Passionate Personalities by Romana Ibrahim on Apr 24, 2018

As a nation we have become so critical of our own selves that we fail to see any good in us. Do not let problems and hardships overcome you. Look on the bright side of things and hope for a better tomorrow. Here’s a look at the talent of Pakistan that promises a positive image of our country in the international world.

Saima Saleem, The First Blind CSS Officer

Posted in Passionate Personalities by Romana Ibrahim on Apr 20, 2018

As a nation we are still far behind many developed countries in terms of education. However, our people have great zeal and are ambitious about their future. The youth is enriched with hard work and intelligence. If only they are provided with a support system, sky is the limit! Here are a few heroes who are the pride of our country and an inspiration for our little ones!